The Story Of My Ink.

I Currently have 5 Tattoos. I got my first when i was 14, yes i know its young haha. My brother owns a tattoo shop so Ive grown up around the scene my whole life. First tattoo was a blue swallow on my back, a year later a good friend of mine passed away, i added sunbursts and clouds with a banner that says " This is the end my beautiful friend" ironically it is from our favorite doors song " the end". After that i got a fairy on my hip that says live, My third tattoo which i got when i was 16 i believe, is a really nice old school sailor jerry looking rose thick outline, blue with highlights of other colors, the stem looks like it is going into my skin. My 4th tattoo is bear paws on my wrist for my father.. long story haha, and finally my 5th is a bit hard to explain, and not finished yet but its 8 eyeballs really smooth looking design that flows well, it is on my other shoulder blade, i still have shading and color left. should be pretty sick =] and i have an idea for a new now, an octopus curled up to look like a heart with a spear going through it, so that it looks like a heart with cupids arrow. let me know what you guys think! =]
HellBettie HellBettie
2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Thanks, It definitely helped me through the healing process thats for sure! Its a good way to remember someone you loved. And thanks for the input, im pretty stoked on the idea! =]

sounds killer bettie, i have tribute tats as well. it makes me feel better knowing i'm carrying around a piece of my heart that reminds me of the people who helped make me me. i love the octopus idea! good on ya!