I Am Working On A Piece Of Art That Is Covering My Whole Back And Stomach...

I have been since i was little in love with tattoos.  When I was 18 thats the first thing I did go get my first tattoo and then 2,3,4, and 5.  After my 5th pieces I started looking at how they connected and started to want to connect them all.  I am in love with fairies and fantasy pieces.  I still couldn't figure out how to or what to connect them all with.  Then my very best friend that I grew up with passed away 3 years ago and i decided to get a fairy on me that represented her and put her name on part of the piece.  I looked in a bunch of local tattoo shops in my area for a piece and still nothing that touched me.  Then I found this website and it totally helped me with what I wanted and where I want to go with putting all my tattoos together.  I brung all the pictures I had found to my tattoo artist at Ink Junkeez in GOOD OLD CHUCK COUNTY!! lol (Charles County, Maryland). 

I couldnt be happier where my pieces are going now and getting connected slowly but surely.  I wanted to share my expiernce with everyone and anyone because I was going threw such a hard time with my friend passing away this brung life to her again.  I got to ad a piece of art that she had tattooed on her into the piece because of theses two places.   Ink Junkeez is the tattoo studio and the website I found the link is http://ce309rsiy2tza-82khrgnk7-0b.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=BSLB52PQ  I want to share my experience and hope that everyone if your in my area in Maryland will go check out Ink Junkeez and there great Artist and this awesome website if anyone was in search like I was....

Thanks for listening to my story! I Hope to get to hear feedback from other people about these places also if they have a great experience with them too!!!!
Skyler08 Skyler08
Jul 17, 2010