Personal Significance

I have 2, so far.

... from Sonnet 23 by William Shakespeare

and I have the spiral of life ("each aspect ever flowing outward and returning to where it began"). Both are on my right thigh.

I am itching to get the other few that I'm designing for myself, but they aren't right yet.
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

I very much agree, Moontides.<br />
<br />
Sonnet 23 is not only my favorite of the sonnets, but the first I read that I "got", ya know? The reason I realized that I adored Shakespeare. Wanted to be an actor. And the sonnet begins, "As an unperfect actor on the stage..."<br />
<br />
...just what I be.<br />
<br />
Sheesh I love that sonnet. Should have the whole thing tattooed all over my body. haha!

I like the idea of using poetry that is meaningful to you. Especially if poetry in itself is meaningful to you as well.