So when I was 14, I wanted a lipring really badly, but my dad was steadfastly against it. In the middle of an argument he said, "It would hurt, anyway." So I quickly retorted I would do it right then, right there. He said he bet I couldn't. But I did. Seeing as how he couldn't demand I take it out, he said he'd rather see me with a tattoo than a facial piercing. I also held him to that. I was totally pumped to get one.  In Nebraska, the law states you have to be 18+ to get a tattoo without parental permission, however, it never gives a specific age if you DO have it. Still, I couldn't find anyone to do it til I was 16. I was so pissed. But alas, I finally have my tattoo (:  The 5 stars represent the 5 other people in my family. I love it.

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xxclarexbearxx xxclarexbearxx
18-21, F
Jul 27, 2010