... And Mum's Reaction.

Everybody I have been showing my tattoo to so far has been very positive about it and saying how beautiful it is.
Today, however, I told my mum about it over the phone. It ran like this:

Me: I'd rather tell you before you find out from someone else... I got a tattoo done.
Mum (dryly): Where?
Me: My back.
Mum: What is it of?
Me: A fox.
Mum: Humph. Well, it's your body and all, but when you're sixty, your fox won't look that good, you know.

For the record, I am 30.
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

thats what my dad said to me! only he wouldnt shut up about it. All I got was the numbers 2 and 3 on my left and right wrists and all of the sudden my dad thinks im getting sleeves...and i told him i was getting the tattoos a month before i got them. Im getting another tattoo in 2 weeks and only a couple of people know about it because i dont need to hear the negativity. I was going to tell them 3 months in advance but i knew i wouldnt be supported so if they hear about it from someone else so be it, its their fault I didnt tell them3 months ahead of time.

Thank you, I think so too! I just wish Mum wouldn't be so judgemental about it.

I think it looks great