The Virgin With The Lower Back Tattoo

First of all, I am a virgin. I am virgin with two tattoos. My first tattoo is located on my upper back and my second tattoo is on my lower back. I don't have a problem with either of my tattoos- I appreciate them both and don't regret what I have had done to myself. But there are people that believe that women with lower back tattoos are easy, lose, and promis cuous. I don't know where this idea originated or how it started but I think it is foolish and immature. Where one agrees to place a tattoo on their own body should not be an open indication of sexual activity. This idea seems very pigheaded and crude. My decision to place my second tattoo on my lower back had nothing to do with my sexuality, or lack there of. I made the decision base on spiritual reasons. I believe that my body belongs to my spirit, the spirit and the tattoo I have on my lower back is an indication of that. I am not afraid to express my tattoos- My body is my expression, my interruption and no one else.          
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What tattoo did you get on your lower back? (pics please)

Anyway, I want to get a lower back tattoo so bad, and I'm a guy! But, I don't care what people think! BTW, I'm also a virgin too, so don't get down about yourself, because there's people out there just like you! :)

Its a stereo type which means that girls got tattoos on their lower backs to have an excuse to show off their lower back in a sexual manner. If you ever see a girl with a "tramp stamp" look at the way shes dressed, usually they are dressed like a **** because they are a ****. A stereo type means thats the way it got started, not the way it is now. Like im getting a tramp stamp in 2 weeks and believe me its not sexy at all nor does it scream sex and im getting it there because its a great place to get it, i actually cant think of any other place i could put it. <br />
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If the tattoo looks sexy on your lower back and you show it off in a sexy manner then yes people, guys, will automatically think of sex, not "WOW that's a cool tattoo". Not to mention people dont know you're a virgin unless you tell them. Once people have had sex they think everyone has had sex or is having sex. Its the way the human brain works, you might want to get use to it cause it will never change and only get worse