I have 4 tats on me right now. One on my left hand, two on my upper right arm, and one on the right side of my bottom. My very first tat I ever got was on my left hand, which was back then a cross, it is now a green clover that is getting taken off by laser. The cross was done when I was 16 years-old and my best friend did it with a sewing needle and ink. My ex did the clover over it and the two that are on my arm.
The one on my backside was done by a old man with a cane. I still get **** for that one. How I had to lift my skirt up and bend over a stool to show this guy my *** so that he could tat it up with a pink teddy. :D hahaha...anyways, that one is staying but the ones on my arm are going to. It hurts like hell but it will be worth it at the end. They had some memories but I just feel like when I'm working with kids, I just need to set a better example infront of them, otherwise I would keep them if I was doing something else.
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Aug 8, 2010