I once had a friend that taught me many things, she taught me to live and about family. I watched her die and the last thing that she said to me was there were no good byes and that she would see me later. She died February of 1999. When we were younger we promised each other that we would get matching tattoos. Both would be dragons hers would be down her arm where they found the cancer (the first time) and mine would go up my back. She was my friend and even more so my sister. After she died I thought long and hard about what she meant to me. I designed a tattoo that was perfect. She was Jewish and I designed a version of the Hand of Fatima (to keep evil away) with her favorite color; blue. It may not be the dragon that we talked about but she's always with me and I can always share her story and this seemed to fit better and it means more. That was my first tattoo. I think that each one should have a story and not just me for ***** and giggles. So far I have four tattoos and a story to go with each one. One of them is even brail across my left wrist. That one I still cherish not even with what has happened, I'll give you a hint be both cherish them and don't regret them. Maybe I'll share the stories of my other ones but for now I gave you my first and the one that I love the most. I'm going through cancer and I know that she's here with me like I was there for her.
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I really like this story...thank you for sharing it. It reminds me of a friend I had growing up.