Dai the Pie Swansea

when i was 17 my friends said they wanted a tattoo and asked me to watch,my friend mark had a wart removed from his arse and wanted a tattoo to cover it but dai said he couldnt cover scars,so my mate reesy said ill have a small spider biting my arse,i said go on then ill have a baby devil,born to raise hell,well there were 3 bikers in there massive lads finishing thiers off ,and no chairs ,so we had bend over,grabbing thier love handles,well we screamed the place down,and clutching the bikers love handles they screamd too ,the place was in uproar and we went down in history.love was all around after and boy we had a few beers after,the best was wh i went home i showed my sister who was 13 and she told my mum,who went beserk,but my sis said dont worry mum ,when hes 70 in an old peoples home and they are wiping the **** off his arse and it says born to raise hell,he will be sorry.xxx 
martymac5 martymac5
Feb 22, 2008