I Have 5...

I have five tatooes. I never even see 3 of them because they are on my back. The one on my stomache has gone through 3 pregnancies. i love other peoples tatooes that are thought out and placed nicely. I wish I only had one or two. But I'm used to thrm. I don't even notice them anymore. I just hope if my kids get any they think about it first. But my tribal scorpion I got in black on the small of my back on South Beach rocks!
Temprence Temprence 36-40, F 3 Responses May 28, 2011

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You have never seen them? Not even in a mirror?

Yes I have. I am just so used to them now I don't even notice them anymore.

Post pics of them. Has the belly one changed much (due to your pregnancies)?

No it hasn't. I was lucky.

What do they call tats on the small of your back...can't remember but it always makes me laugh.In the movie Along Came Poly Ben Stiller notices the Jenn Anniston has one on her lower back too.Funny movie.