The difference between tattooed people and people who dont is that tattooed people dont care if you dont have a tattoo.
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I really like tattoos on people and I don't have one, I think people would look at me and think look at that guy why the hell does he have a tattoo...LOL

That is so so true. Well said.

I love this quote!

some are very pretty some tell stories few can read<br />
would never change any of the one i have even was forced to where a long shieve shirt when i worked for the state of california

That statement is so true. I have 5 my wife has 6 and son 7. My wife is the only one with a tat on either side of her family and they look downing her. Her brother once said she should drive a truck and listen to kid rock. Well we already listen to kid and then we bought her a truck. Suck on that ************.

That is so so true

Yes. Thankyou, like this should be a known saying!

I have one, and i want more.

Well I have a couple Tats and the biggest thing is that some are made old school.

nothing wrong with that my friend. psst i know someone who can re do them,

I agree except- well... I do find tattoos attractive.<br />
<br />
I don't care if you don't have any but some good ink always gets my attention. lol

Amen Brother.:)

lol, you guys will enjoy this then. <br />
<br />
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I love the response to this link. Well said.

Except she went and deleted every comment that opposed her viewpoint. Except your's, oddly enough. Taken out of context, you look like you agree with it. LOL!

I personally don't care if you have any or not. I have 3 and love them all.<br />
<br />
What you chose to do is your business. Just do me the favor and allow me to do the same without judgments from you.

I have 5 tatts myself, I would have more if my tatt artist had not retired.

I'm with that one too...I live in Texas in the Bible belt and have 6 tattoos and 3 piercings, and as a housewife and mother, other moms at the Mothers' Day Out pick up line look at me like I'm covered in poop. Just because I feel as if my body is a canvas and love the artwork on my skin, doesn't give those who feel differently a right to judge. I admire anyone's personal perception of beauty and the pursuit thereof...tattooed or not!

I can only gues the problems that the ladies have. All I will say is be proud and dont the the ******* get to you. Keep your chin up darlin.

I plan to...Thanks! I also plan on getting more (when I'm not so broke, lol!)

haha covered in poop that made me lol

judgmental people are the ones who are poop..haha..sorry to hear that people act like that there too...but i'm sure you'll find them everywhere...i have them in my family for crying out loud so yeah

I am completely covered from my chin down to my toes in tattoos and am currently enrolled in classes at Oral Roberts University studying to become a pastor. You're right about judging,because the bible says don't judge lest you be judged. Think of it this way if you did not want to stand out you should have gotten your tattoos and piercings where they could easily be covered. It was your choice to get tattooed and pierced so you should have known people were going to be curious and look at you as I knew when I got fully tattooed so you should just understand that people are curious by nature not necessarily being judgmental towards you.

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