My New Ink

So I got a new tattoo a couple days ago.  Been wanting this one for almost two years. It's kinda my F you to my ex husband and all the others who controled my life.  I absolutely love it!!  Only problem is my boyfriend doesn't really like it.  I have two other's so it's not like he didn't know I like them, also he's been listening to me go on and on about getting it.  Now understand I don't regret getting it, I love it and am thrilled that I got it.  I just wish that maybe he would have like it, maybe thought it was sexy.  He liked my others, maybe becasue I had them when he met me so they were just part of who I am.  Oh well he's just gonna have to suck it up and learn to love it just as much as i do.

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2 Responses Jan 26, 2012

I have 9 tats some people like them others do not but you know what I don't real care <br />
If your boyfriend cares for you the fact you got inked should not matter <br />
Did you explain what the ink means to you to you bf maybe that will give him a better understand of why you did got it

Wow its gorgeous and so declarative of your own personal power- those qualities I believe make the best tattoos. Well he doesn't like it for now but heres a whole page who thinks you are a bad *** for it : )

I'm happy you've got through the past.<br />
Tattoo looks really well done. <br />
How long/sessions did it take?

This took about 1 1/2 hrs, just one session. I did the entire outline with no numbing gel, the ribs and hipbone hurt like mad. The artist said I was starting to twitch and the fill was going to hurt more and suggested the gel just to make it easier on her.