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i had 2 on each hip:P
mom didnt like them and made me get them removed...ouchhh
gentlyyours gentlyyours 18-21, F 4 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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Guess I am oldfashioned but not hot on tattoos Teens seem to go for them but get them removed yrs later On the other hand I like body paintings <br />
Dont care for rings on bodyparts but have seen quite a few

Were you over the age of 18 when you had them done?? If so, you're legally an adult and she couldn't "make" you do anything.

i was 15

yes she could do that of course, but I was referring more to the fact of legality. But since she was 15 at the time that's a moot point anyways.

that SUCKS. hip tatts are sexy!

yeah thats cool. i like how people do that