I Love Getting Tattoos

Each tattoo has a story and I can get completely addicted to getting them which is why I have to space them appart.  My first one was done by one of my High School best friends when I was 19.  He designed and did an open black rose by my hip bone with the stem reaching to my garden...  There is no other person I would want to do my first tattoo.  He now owns two shops in Florida!  The second one was drawn by my cousin and his sister and I went together to get that one.  I was quite a fun experience since the guys in the shop were a bit fun and twisted and during a break flopped a huge ***** on the table with me!  My cousin came close to passing out while straddling a huge chair to get her tramp stamp!  My next one was a birthday gift from my husband with my zodiac sign in the middle and my two kids signs on each side.  My last one was done by my dear friend again while he was up here to do tattoos for friends after one of our dear friends died in a motorcycle accident.  He drew freehand a lizard on my shoulder sleeping.  Love it!  The next one I want will be down my side so I want to get in good shape before that happens!!!
BrittneyS BrittneyS
36-40, F
May 6, 2012