I have one tattoo on my left side that pretty much symbolizes my understanding of myself and the word. I call it the alchemical star. It has a flaming triangle crossing with an upside down triangle, looking like a wave/waterfall. Then in the center is the symbol for oneness and balance in alchemy: the crescent moon with an orb inside the two triangles. Then there are jade flowers bordering it. I want to add the Japanese symbols of truth and honor below them.
Then, here's another idea I want on my right side:
I want a screaming seraphim, eyes covered, distinguishing anatomical parts covered by the 6 wings with a ghost like bottom, and with broken chains attached to its wrists, like it has just broken free. Anyone think they can do a sketch for me? Lol.
FireCoyote FireCoyote
26-30, F
May 9, 2012