First Tat

I was 38 years old when I got my first one. I was brought up that it was a sin. I always wanted a skate tattoo. One day I was at a church talking to a hypocrite judgmental preacher and he tried to make me feel like trash and I left there and got Bobosgirl tatted on me. Bob is my best friend, he however got into meth and was in prison. He was the one always having my back and by my side. So i got that tat with a pic of my inline skate that i wore to united states nationals in 2003 under it. Bobos girl then became my roller derby name.I was shaking. The guy said, don't worry, the pain is not that bad. I said I am not scared of the pain, I am scared of my parents finding out. As i said, I was 38! . Now I love tats. I have 2 regular skates tatted on me that says Skate or Die and the name Wayne, AKA BOBO. Then I got a naked angel with only skates on!!! Bobo is getting out in June and we will be married. He does tats so I will be covered!!!
Terrydarlene Terrydarlene
46-50, F
May 10, 2012