You Did What When You Were 14!!!!

Well i was 14 and asked my mom if i could get a tat...of course she said no! So what did i do? I went to a friend of mine and he gave me 6 home tattoos. Bad isn't a word to describe them...horrible is a good way to describe them. Not only was i 14,but i was stupid and didn't think forever was actually for-ev-er! First one was a small miss-shaped heart on my ankle,then i got my best friend at the times daughters initials on my other ankle,then i went big and got my initials on my lower back(yeah yeah yeah shush it),then i decided to be a bad ***,FAIL!!! I got LOVE and HATE on my knuckles. The one that's not too bad is on my lower tummy,its a butterfly,or as i see it a black splotchy shape with antennas...i say it's not to bad cuz its the one no one sees...when i got older i had some kids and got married,I've only gotten 2 good tats since i was 14 and i love them. I have my Virgo symbol on the back of my neck and my husbands name with flowers,vines and thorns on my wrist. Sooner or later ill have the ones on my ankle fixed up,but for now I'm not too bothered by them...:) Thanks for reading my tat story,Kim


Jeepinmom Jeepinmom
1 Response May 15, 2012

lol dont know how i fu%%ed that up but i fixed it lmao