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Just Got My First Tattoo And Its Fuc*ed Up!

so im 16 and i finally conned my mom into letting me get my first tattoo. it is a memorial cross with barbed wire for my dead brother scottie. well the plan me and the tattoo artist worked out was a gothic shaded cross and he messed it all up.
mrwack1 mrwack1 18-21, M 2 Responses May 15, 2012

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Well you can always cover it up sometimes a artist won't new ink for a few years. They want it faded and the ink to be broken up under the skin and this takes time. Some artists will do it sooner but it's best to wate. The next time around look for a ARTIST not a guy who just does tattoos. I've been in ur situation as I have almost a full back piece both my sides and 2 more small ones. The one on my back is kinda a cover up from when I was 23 at 34 I had it reworked! Bacily the artiest recolored added wings and made a now lifeless old tattoo brand new and fresh again! You don't say where you live if it's a big city I'm sure there r well known artists in ur area willing to advise you on what your options are. Some suggestions for the future! Work together with the artist, trust him and allow him to make tweaks to what was drawn up, while on paper it may look good on your skin is a different bal of way! Your body skin ect moves as you move so the artist may need to put you in different positions to see how the tattoo will look as your body moves. You never said where the tattoo is localeted. This my not apply to you. Give the artist input on what you like look at other pictures on the Internet and you can take pieces from several different tattoos that you like to make it ur own and unique. Look around!! Don't go with the first guy that throws a low price at you! Good artists typically charge around 130$ an hour or depending on the piece maybe a little less. Look at there portfolios see what there other work looks like and especially at there cover ups! Some artist will be strait up with you and tell you they don't like doing cover ups! Ask the artist what they are best at doing! Some are and like to work in black and shading others may be better at recreating pictures of people(very hard to do) some like and are better at trible art, and so on!! So give it some time to heal think and look at how you can rework what you have keep in mind it's going to haft to be bigger now since the artist is going to haft to cover another tattoo! Maybe he can just go over the outline, make it sharper or shade it, color, or add something to around or even the illusion of something behind your tattoo!!! Friend me if you need any more advise if you happen to live in Florida and are willing to travel I know a few good and one amazing artist in south Florida! So amazing that I just tell him roughly what I have in mind and he just free hands the tattoo on me! No stenciles ect!

You didn't get a chance to see the stencil before he put it on your skin?