Does It Hurt?

The number one question asked by someone about to get their first. Asked so often my tattooist has a sign saying; "Before you ask. Yes, it hurts!"

Of course it fugging hurts! You are getting a bunch of ink filled needles stuck in your skin.

A more appropriate question is: How much will it hurt?

Now, while that question is infinitely less stupid it is also almost impossible to answer.

It all depends on natural pain tolerances and positioning.

Some say the bony bits hurt more others the fleshy bits.

I do have a point to this rambling... You see I just got a largish work done on my calf and I just want to say...

DON'T FUGGING DO IT!!! (Get a tattoo on your calf that is. In my experience arms and the back of your neck is nothing terrible.)

It hurts!

BeteNoire BeteNoire
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5 Responses May 31, 2012

Chest hurts a lot too!

I have always heard the area around the kidneys is super sensitive. And I found out how true that was when I got my lower back tat. Oh boy was that a thrill........NOT. Had to pass when he asked if I wanted any color added to it lol<br />
<br />
But the one on my ankle and the one on my arm didn't hurt hardly at all.....especially by the time the outline was done, just a bit of tingling.

I LOVE the idea they post that sign!! I have heard that calves are real painful from about 4 other folks too..... I don't have any tats but if I ever decide to try it... I'll be sure to avoid that spot!!

That's funny. One of the tat shops that I went to had a sign that said "**** yes it hurts, don't ask"!

never really been tempted by tats but hope it was worth the pain ;) advice heeded. lmao

I forgot to specify I meant calf tattoos others are not as painful lol

hahaha noted. thank you