And Why I Have Them.

I aquired my first Tattoo when I was 18, it is the face of a woman captured in a falling ribbon, to me it represents who I was at the time which was essentially a scared little boy. I had moved away from everyone and everything I had ever known in search of "my path" I suppose. There is also a tear in the woman,s eye which was a symol of friendship between I and another who got inked that same day.

My second tattoo is a zipper on my stomach covering a scar from an appendix operation that nearly killed me. I got the tattoo because I have a sense of humor about those kinds of things.

The third and fourth tattoo's I recieved are celtic knot work as I am from an Irish family. The dog's represent loyalty, and the dragons personal strength and power.

And the last tattoo I recieved is traditional tapping, done by a famous artist who's name I can no longer remember. It doesn't really have any meaning as it was a spur of the moment thing at a tattoo convention, when an artist friend of mine hooked me up with the opportunity. I love it though, and had always wanted to get some traditional work done.

Next..... Not sure. I await inspiration. I drew another celtic piece perhaps I will get that done.
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thank you for sharing your memories!