I Have Four Tattoos So Far

I got my first one for my 19th birthday. It's of a black cat in honor of my very first cat Adrian and it says "God's Animal Lover". It's located on my right ankel area.


My second one I got when I was 20. It's of an angel that says "God's Child" that is located on my upper left arm. I got that one for free because the tattoo artist decided to flirt with me. I didn't do anything with him though. (haha).

My third one I got when I came to Holland for the first time. My then boyfriend and now husband payed for half the tattoo as a gift. So far the artist who did my first tattoo and my third tattoo are my favorites. I'll be going back to the guy who did my third tattoo. It's of a Pit Bull and it's located on my upper right arm.

My most recent tattoo I got as a 24th birthday gift from my husband. It's located on the bottom right of my arm and it's of an elephant that says "Famiglia e Onore" which means Family and Honor in Italian.

I want at least 2 more tattoos. I want one of a myrtle tree with a Doberman sitting next to the tree. Myrtle trees are my favorite trees and a Doberman is honor of a few dogs I was very fond of. I also want a tattoo in honor of my child or children when I can finally get pregnant.

MiChamoMelissa MiChamoMelissa
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 5, 2008