Divorce Tattoo

I got my first tatt when I was married. When my husband left me after 22 years of marriage I had the urge to get another. I waited until I found the right one. I got the karma symbol on my right arm. It was a reminder that I am responsible for my own karma, not anyone else's.

In the next few months I plan on adding 2 more. A Phoenix, as the process of healing from an abusive and controlling marriage has been my rebirth. The second one will be a turtle, I am Native and from the turtle clan.
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:-). I like the Phoenix, and I like your reasons for getting one.

Thank you! I am still debating which design and the placement

That's what always takes me FOREVER,lol.

Many of the girls in my orchestra pit and pep band are into getting tattoos... and some are fairly exotic.... However, one of my funniest recollections of a tattoo belong to one that my friend's second wife. He was an alcoholic and was going through a bad time of readjustment and met up with a woman that he would see nightly in a bar. Loneliness pushed him into proposing and they got married.... <br />
<br />
A few months later, we went to Tunica, Mississippi in a small group of friends to gamble and have fun.... At the motel, we decided to go swimming and so at the "pool party", his wife showed up in a nice bikini and she sat at the table with me where I could see on the flesh just above her left breast - she has a tattoo and not of great quality, the name, "BILL", was inscribed.... I can imagine getting her into a "******* position" and looking down to see that "Bill" had beaten me to the spot!!! lol.... Bill had done the tattoo after ******* her and while she was in a drunken sleep.....<br />
<br />
So Harry was definitely second!!!!

they are addicting!