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Where Should The Next On Go?

I had wanted for years to get this one tattoo of a 4 leaf clover with a lady bug on it. I finally got it last year on my ankle. People had told me watch out once u get one u will want more. Well I did just that I went this spring and got another one of a sunflower and a ladybug on it. I decided I wanted 3 tattoos of flowers with a ladybug on it to represent each one of my girls. I am undecided where I should get the last one at on my body. I want a purple rose with a ladybug on it. Both ankles r taken and could use suggestions on where the third on should go. I thought about the shoulder but had thought of a angle on my shoulder should go there if I want to go crazy with the tattoos.
I wonder what these tattoos r going to look like on my skin when I am in my 70s. Has anyone else had the same thought?
violetivy2007 violetivy2007 36-40, F 1 Response Aug 18, 2012

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I wouldn't worry about what they will look like in your 70s. I just turned 70. Have three tattoos. Dragon on upper left arm (1st). Larger dragon on right shoulder going down upper arm (2nd), a couple of months later. And a full back piece with a warrior, tiger, trees, waterfall, 6 months later. Also have a poem in oriental letter on lower left back. They have held up very well. Still look good. One thing, they have never been sunburned. And I still love them, 30 some years later.<br />
Get what you want, and enjoy.

So where should I put the next one at?

Lots of things to consider on placement. My left dragon is 10" long, and fits nicely on upper arm. Larger dragon goes across shoulder and down the upper arm. What size is your purple rose? If fair sized, might go well on upper arm. I like for tattoos to fit places on the body. MIght draw up a model to scale, and see where it fits best, and how you like it at different places. Good luck. Purple is my favorite color, and think you could get a real nice looking rose.

...I depends on the design and scale... I think it's a lovley idea... May be the calf side, then you can go large an curve the flower so it kinda shapes like the muscle you have there... And its a large area, there you can develop it also... And when you go slightly larger, it won't blur in time (depends on the artist) and you can make it more detailed... You know that the skin will always fight the tattoo hence it blurs or get lighter in colur... Just a tip, hope it was useful =)