Wow... So I love tattoos, I have 4 total currently working on my 5th, & holy ****!! My 5th one hurt so bad I cried! Its on my left side.... My tattoo guy only did the outline of part of it because I couldn't handle it. I guess its safe to say the theory that your foot is the worst is BS, cuz I have my foot done & it wasnt bad... Ugh I see lots of sessions to get this done...haha. It will be worth it in the end though!!
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Please post some pics of them would love to see them, i have 4 myselft working on one more as well,

They are so deliciously addictive! Still trying to find the right artist to do my next one. I can picture it in my mind, but can't find the right person to get it on paper.

I know what you mean... Its taken me 2 years to get this one right!

love tatoos also! love my 2 but wanna get more!

..Well that is the thing with the pain threshold, it differentiated from person to persons... <br />
I knoew a tattoo artist who had done ALL the classic painful areas and he fell a sleep on each ocasion, one of the he admitted that it tickles... I've heard that the butt should be very painful, oddly, and the spine... A woman I know was more concern of her dripping nose (she had the cold) than the pain of the tattoo first time she was under a needle. She said when she did her lower back the area around the spine was "kinda sensitive".<br />
I have also heard that one side is more painful than the other.. But there is help, we have a balm that numbs the area.. So it's individual... your tatt seems cool, worth the pain?//HTH83 SWE

Some parts did tickle but the pain was very intense! Your butt being painful...hmmm, yeah the one on my back didnt hurt at all we had to keep stopping because I was hysterically laughing...lol. When its finished ill have to post a pic of it :)

I'd like that =D