My Lifetime Is Told Through My Ink

I'm currently working on a whole back piece.
My first tattoo was a tribal-ish "C" turtle. Followed by a Hawaiian quilt design. Which now have new neighbors of mermaids, astrology symbols, a pirate ship. Soon to be waves, a compass rose and maybe a few other elements.

Every tattoo I have is family related. Because in the end that's all I have.
BettyBetty BettyBetty
22-25, F
5 Responses May 3, 2007

Wow...I love it. I also would love to eventually have my whole back covered with things that symbolize important people and events in my life.

I love your pirate ship =)

absolutely beautiful. i really like the hawaiian quilt design idea- how original and individual!<br />
<br />
how did you get your pic into the thread by the way, just the 1st time i have seen it done. curious... :)

LOVE the ink. and i love the song black betty.. hehe i have it as my ringtone.. and i totally support you and your ink.

o nice