My Biggest Turn Off

I'm a man equipped with a total of 4 tattoos and I hold plans on getting more. Tattoos is some I've been defining as scars of art that represent one within. And with that in mind, I was very careful of creating, drawing, and deciding whether if the scar itself would be a meaningful scar or a story worth telling. With that said, my biggest turn off is when females get meaningless tattoos. 'Nough said.

(meaningless tattoos: ink obtained for the sake of proving you're someone higher)
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3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

My first tattoo could have probably been planned.....Get Thee To A Nunnery :) on my lower back but I do love that play.

I have 4 tats myself. I suppose that depends on what you consider meaningless. I'm not one for walking into a parlor and picking off the wall..just for the sake of having ink but won't bash someone who does. To each their own. I will say each tat is unique in it's own right. I do have 2 pieces that I personally drew up myself. I have a large back piece, that is a dedication tat to a friend of mine that past away, the artist who did it, mixed some of his ashes in the ink. Some find that morbid, I find it extra unique.

What's the point of meaningless tattoos? I mean really. I plan on getting two in the next couple of years. I'm getting them in remembrance of my grandparents... They were my best friends and it's something I've been considering doing for a long time.

So, I agree with you whole-heartedly on that one. :)