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I come from a dark past filled with abuse and poverty. I often wonder how I managed to scrape out of there alive with the easygoing attitude I have now, but I guess I'm one of the somewhat lucky ones. I just got a tattoo last month that symbolizes my struggle. It is everything that made me and everything that I am today. It is my first and last tattoo. It's on my wrist, my most vulnerable area. An area scarred with self inflicted wounds. It's right above the cuts that I made when I was weak and sad, it makes me realize how much I've accomplished and how much I've grown and how much bigger I am than the stuff that was trying to stop me from growing. It's one simple word, but it's a word that embodies me and all that I am.... On my wrist, I have the word "Stronger" and when I look down on it, I smile and whisper to myself.. "I made it"
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I typically don't like tattoos, because I think they spoil the natural beauty the body, but the brilliant combination of the word and its placement speak volumes to your beauty as a person. I'm so sorry you had to endure the dark road that brought you to this place of inner strength, but what a wonderful person you are for having made the journey. Congratulations!

Thank you very much for the kind words and support :)

good girl! stay strong and resolute.

Thank you :)

Congratulations! Not on the tattoo. On finding your strength.

Thank you very much. It took awhile, but the path to it was filled with some good life lessons.

My past was filled with all kinds of abuse and I came out with easygoing attitude too. Yayy us. :) But I also came out with 20 tattoos and more to come. Lol

High five! Lol yeah tattoos are pretty cool, but I'm a wimp so this is my only one for now lol

Congrats on making yourself bigger than all that has been trying to stop you from growing.

I have a fairly dark past myself and have used (multipul) tattoos as kind of a roadmap of where i've been and where i'm headed to next. It's nice to see i am not the only one using tattoos as part of a healing process.

Thats really cool. It means a lot to be able to look back on where you've been and kind of pat yourself on the back for making it so far. It's also very humbling. I wish you luck on healing your wounds!

The struggles of a person can be measured by their kindness. Your kindness and strength will get you through anything. Props to you baby. You made it.

Thank you Joe. mwah :)

You're very welcome. One challenge in the obstacle of life defeated helps you deal with the next challenge you face. :) mwah.