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Get Thee To A Nunnery

2 Celtic designs

and my Wiiiiiiiiiingsssssss :)

I have some pics on Interpals. DeeHitcher there too
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I'm so sorry to hear that story. You've been through a lot. But at least you know she's there. You say you never stopped loving each other ?? well that has continued and always will x

have ine combat related
have 2 bike related
have one dragon
one frog
and two of a boy holding a girl in his arms the one done yesterday has the ribbon under neath it show her year of birth and her year of her death
she has a red dress like she wore to the senior ball with me in a black suit

that sounds beautiful yet tragic :(

itis she was killed at age 19 we had just spent 7 of 10 days in japan on R&R when i was recalled for a mission the day i was outbound i was talking with her as our plane was hit and crashed killing 13 only 2 of us lived
i was in a coma for 6 months and woke up to find my wife had been killed the next day as she was walking to her office in siagon by a child that was a bomb and our mother her mother thing both her kids were gone ened her own life
we married very young at 13 out of love and we never stopped loving each other
and i know she likes the tatoo as i saw her smilling all night and i knew she was there bu how the odg reacted likes she was petting his tummy as he had all 4 legs up in the air