I Think That If God Wanted Us ...

I think that if god wanted us to have ink all over our bodys. HE would of made us born with it. Plus I heard those hurt and I am not willing to put my body in pain just for fashion
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You definatly should not get tattooed if you feel tattoos are just for fashion.<br />
<br />
I won't critisise your blind belief in an imaginary friend who 'owns' you body and soul, imparting <br />
harsh cruel judgement and non sense rules via a magic book. Whatever works for you.

you know the simple fact is, if you don't like tattoos fine. That's your right to feel that way. But it's also the right of those of us who have them to like and enjoy what was created in ink. And using God as a way to put us down is just plain rude. Besides if we all were exactly alike the world would be soooooo boring.

Again with the imaginary friend thing and what he wanted from us or didn't.......... Sick and tired of such bullshit arguments.

well by that logic if god wanted us to use forks and knives he would have created them himself. and clothes for that matter. hell, why not just abandon cellphones and the internet altogether? there are a lot of things that are man made that god didn't "GIVE" us but "gave us" the ability to create instead.

If God really really didn't want us getting tattoos he wouldn't have provided the resources for us to find to make the ink and equipment to make tattoos.

And my favorite: "If God wanted us to fly, He would have given us wings." So destroy all airplanes: they're the devil's instruments!

my 1st tattoo was for my son. He is a guitarist and loves playing music so i had a music note with his name through it tattooed on my ankle. It hurt some but wasn't any more painful then going to the dentist lol. my other one is on my lower back and is a pair of wings similar to the aerosmith logo but with a C instead of an A in the middle. it is the 1st initial of my last name and represents the love for my family. If you have no desire to get inked,fine, but do us all a favor and do not critisize what you obviously don't understand.

Boo!!!! hissssss!!!! Evil hater in our group!!!! Go get back on your high horse & talk to your plants, we don't need judgmental people shatting their two cents at us just because you were feeling a little holier than thou!!!!! ffffffffffffffsssssttttt!!!! Scat!!!! Get out of here!

I'm not one to speak of your god but my tattoos and peircings are not fashion or a trend. I plan for years for mine, I take in to account the artist and their view of the piece so they put a little of their passion into it. I grew up being bored with myself and at 30 years old i can say that with every ex<x>pression i put on my skin and body i become more myself.

childbirth hurt, but sometime pain is something some people are willing to go through for certain things they believe are worth it in life. <br />
(not to make comparison to tattoo pain and childbirth pain, just an example)<br />
they do not hurt so much either, depending on where you get them. on muscle tissue they are hardly noticable, whereas bone it is more irritating. <br />
plus, to some people tattoos are more than a fashion statement. they are a religious, cultural, or family way of ex<x>pression. <br />
to each their own. <br />

there are a lot of things that god gave us.. like free will.. plus we adapt to things, and this is just one more way of adapting to things. i have one tattoo and its a way of ex<x>pression for me. i drew my tattoo.. god gave me talents and i chose to display them...