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I never knew my mother growing up and was forced to rely on the stories I was told about her as a way of "knowing" her. When I sought her out to be a part of my life, I found out she had died in 1991 due to medical complications from a multiple gunshot wound she suffered. Along with the family I never knew I had and her death certificate, I also found a journal she kept in her last days. She painted pictures of her life for me and declared the love she had for the daughter she never had the chance to I read about the day she was shot multiple times in the stomach and back and the recovery she had to endure because of it. As I read her words I felt her pain jump off the page...both emotionally and physically. She lived for 10 years with her wounds and the mistakes that she was forced to live with. She instantly became the strongest woman I had ever known of and an inspiration.

I found myself in a dark place in life and needed the strength that I knew I had inside of me because of her. I decided to always have a reminder of the strength that was sometimes buried underneath the surface and had the word "Strength" tattooed in script font on my shoulder blade. Her strength is always with me, and now I feel that she is forever looking over my shoulder holding me up in the times that I need it.
SunshineMel SunshineMel 31-35, F 2 Responses Nov 13, 2012

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very cool story

That's a wonderful tribute to your mother. I'm sure she would have loved to know you better. One question though, does it hurt to get a tattoo? I'm kinda curious. I need a description of the pain.

I describe the pain as a constant bee sting...about as close as I can get to describing it.