Why Do I Get Tattoos?

There was recently a discussion at work about why anyone would get a tattoo. An older lady was asking us "younger generations" what the thrill was? She's not disapproving, just curious.
I couldn't help thinking "It has nothing to do with "the thrill"." Due to finances I only have two tattoos. A rope bracelet with love on the inner wrist and a peace sign on my right rib cage. I didn't get either for a thrill and actually many people don't realize I have any tattoos.
My love tattoo represents how much I've overcome and what love can do to save a person.
My peace tattoo reminds me every time I see it that no one can force me to act in a way I don't want. I've chosen a path of peace, though I do tend to get violent when angered. The tattoo reminds me that no other human will ever force me to cause harm if I do no chose and I have chosen peace. When I do get angry I put my hand on it and remember that and calm down while sending up a prayer.

Tattoos, for me at least, are the visual of something I believe so passionately or love fiercely that I can't keep just in my mind and I have to express. But I am still very conservative and don't like to flaunt things or show them to a lot of people. I'm very quite. My body is the how my soul communicates in this world thus it's closest to me. So when I want to show something I can't contain in my soul, but don't like screaming from the roof tops I put it on my body. The one thing that is fully mine and no one can have claim on unless I let them. What else would I put my deepest passions on? I will eventually lose everything else, but until the day I die my body will be mine. Then it won't matter.
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I can completely agree and relate entirely to the last whole last paragraph! Couldn't have said it better.