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I have a Chevy bowtie on my lower back, a female Buddha sitting under the tree of enlightenment - that one took 4 hours and takes up most of my back. I have a quote that goes down my left side and says nobody loves me like me, and down my right said it says Papa mi date la resistenza, which means Papa you give me strength. He was murdered when I was a baby, so that was like a tribute. I have a tribal thing and hibiscus flowers on my tummy that was actually a cover up, and I have my brothers and sisters names on my chest.

I need to get them touched up, and eventually add a lot more and have them all connected sometime. But we all know tattoos are expensive.
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How is your pain tolerance? You can have it done in more than one session, too. Arms arent too bad. It just a needle hitting your nerves repeatedly but its not unbearable pain.

must not be as bad a a shotgun in the back, how far do the needles go in?

Just enough to penetrate the skin. You will be fine!

so the needles do not go as far as shots do? do the needles go deeper than Acupuncture?

i am not sure but it just stings on the surface. They are tiny needles tho.

okay, thanks

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I am getting a tattoo of a Chevy Silverado Dually, do tattoos hurt?

Depending on where u get it and how much detail is in it. Ribs, top of feet are very sensitive. But all tattoos hurt.

a little or alot, like on the arms