My Tattoos Mean Absolutely Nothing

I have 5 tattoos all of which have no meaning to me what so ever. I mainly got them because its like this dumb thing my generation is doing now that I felt the need to "fit in" and also because I dated a tattoo artist. I just wanted him to draw on me for no reason I guess. I have some cat paw prints on my breast, a geisha on my lower leg, and two butterflies on my back and thigh.I knew that I would get tattoos that you could not see if I had on clothes. I wanted my tats to be visible only when my clothes came off.. The moral of this story is... Don't get dumb sh!t on your body! If you really want a tattoo think about why you want it and is it worth being on your body for a lifetime.
LadyBella2011 LadyBella2011
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

very true...I have a lot of friends that regret the ink that was put on their body. I also have friends that love their artwork more now than ever.. That's how mine is for me now. I love the art on me, and plan on doing more, but there is meaning in them, and will be continuity thru out them. The one i'm working on now is pretty much a half sleeve, and will travel up over my shoulder and down along my ribcage, and will be nothing short of a piece of art. Look for the best tattoo artist you can find, and don't go with someone just because they are cheaper (not that you did). You get what you pay for. Think long and hard about what you're doing, because it will be there for the rest of your life unless you do laser removal, and the pain from that will last you the rest of your life ;-)