I only have 2 tattoos so far and plans for a third. I have a butterfly on my back and the body of the butterfly is a cancer ribbon for my mother who is a cancer survivor. My other tat i have is "Hold On" written on my hip. anyone that has read a million little pieces will know that in the book there is the message that when things in life get hard you need to hold on. after a month of sobriety i decided to get hold on on my hip as a reminder that everyday i need to hold on to my sobriety no matter how bad things get. for my next tattoo i want a sunflower on my ribs. i actually enjoy the pain of a tattoo and wish i had the guts to cover my whole body. gotta love a bad *** tatted up chick lol
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Very sexy, love ink! My passion, well one of them