Right shoulder - Swallow w/ Leaves/flowers aka The blue bird oh happiness 5-6 inches ish

Right ribcage - Black Widow standing in attack w/ fire drops for venom - 6 inches

Lower back/waist (NOT TRAMP STAMP) Birdcage with flowers 4 inches by 3 inches

will connect the spider and the birdcage with webs and a couple wilted flowers, then the birdcage to the swallow with a "flock" of black birds in silhouette - have to wait till summer since that will be smack dab under my bra straps and will have to figure summer is easier to get away with no bra... te he he
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I know a lot of people have these, but I want the finger mustache tattoo.

I have no tattoos and I think I am too old to start now.This does not mean that I don't like them though,some look extremely good and creative.

Like tattoos that have a plan to them. I have three, one on each shoulder, and a full back, that all fit together. Never cared for the purely random look, but that is just me.

I plan to have a "dead" narly looking tree/branch up the middle of my spine with some other small meaningful items in the branches, then an old school black and orange/red/yellow dragon on my left side as if jumping up to attack the swallow...

Nice description, gave me a vision. I am partial to dragon's, as have one on each shoulder. Have a tree on my back with a warrior hanging on it hanging over a water fall and a tiger. Oriental theme.

yeah the dragon body would be all black , and the mouth, eyes, claws, etc would be colored. I LOVE the reverse shading? now sure the word to call it but the scales would all be solid black and the curved edge of the scale would be white instead of the other way around... (scales outlined in black)... it's going to take a while, but I am excited.