I Have A Couple

Yes I have a some tattoos.
I have a rather lovey red head woman in a pink dress on my left forearm not really detailed very old as well.
I have a blonde woman on my right shoulder blade she is like a fairy almost completely naked but she has her privates covered by her arms and hands nothing to dirty.
I have a small tattoo of half a heart on my left forearm the other half of the heart was on my first wife's right forearm (She had it removed after we divorced).
And I finally have a knife going into a skull on my right forearm very detailed a nice little back ground its not to voilent either just simply a skull with a large knife going into the top of its head it doesn't really mean anything to me just something I liked. It's not to big just big enough. It's rather lovely I like it at least.
Well there are my tattoos not very many but I might get some more.
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Jan 8, 2013