My Tattoos Are My Mask

I have 15 tattoos at the moment, tho ive had 3 covered so, thats really 18, Im getting another one in 2 weeks,,,cant wait

There are many reasons I love tattoos, for me they represent the hardships Ive over come and the new strength in myself Im learning ,,which is a miracle, but now I feel it, i willnever let anyone take it away again,

I also like them as they make me feel special and unique, as for most of my life I have felt like an worthless, invisible peice of ****, and Ive always been a bit of a rebel, so I like to be rock n roll also

due to my past tho, I do also use them to hide the hate anc contempt I feel about myself, but as that has come from others , Im stil hopefull that will continue to disapper, as my self confidence grows

I encourage my kids to be differnt, be themselves and proud of who you are, and dont let people lable you into a lil box

Ive got many more tatts planned,,but they are simply beacuse I love them

so rock on everyone,,,,,and turn it up LOUD,,,,,
sykoprincess sykoprincess
31-35, F
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

maybe after my new one next week

I would love to see them !!! If you dont want them posted in your pics you can send one each time you mail me !! really would love to see them

I am looking for more and maybe one of your designs might be something to inspire one of my next tattoos. I belive they should represent something. Not just a pretty picture. I only have 3 but I want at least anoth 5 but I am picky with my designs and sometomes they are one off so it takes me a while to decide.