Not Even 18 ;b

I got my first tattoo for my 17th birthday from the sexist man ever i have a huge thing for both filipino guys and older men anyway i got it on my chest right above my breast every once in awhile he would grope me i was so turned on then my 2nd tattoo on my fore arm i was smiling with pleasure the whole time me and the guy planned to hook up but he wanted to wait till i was 18 see hes 44 and has a family getting caught would ruin him ill be 18 in 9 days for my present we are getting a hotel room and im getting a pot leaf with all 6 joker cards tattooed on my ***** the picture is in my pictures all the painful details are going to be amazing
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

I'd love to see the picture, and please add me. I am married to a Filipina...