I've Got Two..and I'm Getting One Next Monday!

I have two tattoos but next Monday, I'm getting one covered up.

I have a chaos stat on my left arm and thats getting replaced with a large rose with spirally vines and then a lily next to it after that.


My other tat is of a music stave(the seven lines where notes are written) and a treble clef with the two dotted repeat sign which is on my back.

I love that one and its specific for a reason. Firstly, I love music, so the stave is there to represent all songs...(I have had people ask me why there is no notes on it, but that's why) secondly, the repeat sign is in reference to the repeation of life.


AnimeAnima AnimeAnima
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1 Response Aug 13, 2008

The musical stave is awesome. I was planning on getting one tattooed on my wrist like a bracelet.