Uh Oh

My daughter said that getting a tattoo on the top of the foot didn't hurt. She sat there completely still the whole time and was joking around with the other tattoo artist and laughing while getting her tattoo. She's already talking about her next one.

I on the other hand, thought it hurt, but I was able to sit still the whole time. So it wasn't too bad. I'd get another one on the foot. Maybe I'll save that one for when my other daughter turns 18.

The two square stones are our zodiac signs, Virgo (me) and Pisces (my daughter).

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That's such a sweet idea! I love it. :)

Who's foot is whom?

mine is the older looking one with no polish :-)

well, they have been through more hell than my 18 year old daughters....calluses to prove it.

LOL I know right JB? I would have said the sexy one without polish!

pretty cool.

Thanks :-)

So long as she is not young. Tattoos are permanent and distort quite a bit as you get older. Hence why they want to make tattoos illegal for kids and only legal for adults plus 21.

You must have not read all written above. I wrote that she just turned 18.

Wonder how distorted it is gonna look like when she is 60.

All I can say is that it hurt like a son of a ***** when I got mine four years ago, and I would never do another on my foot again!!! It is a large rosé however, so it did cover from side to side and front to back on top of the foot!!! I felt like I was above the table the whole time, not laying on the table, literally flying above the table... I'm sure the guy who had done all of my tats, thought I was being real wimp, I didn't care!!! I still want more, just not on my feet!!!

Wow, that must have been pretty intense. Honestly, it hurt, but not even close to what you describe. My daughter was laughing and joking around while hers was getting done. Apparently we have a high pain tolerance.


I got my first tattoo on my back and I fell asleep for two hours but I have little to no pain reception in my body due to messed up nerves so it really depends on the person's pain tolerance

Very nice affinity. I'd imagine the boney bits would hurt more, but it does depend on the individual I guess.

They say any place where the skin is thin and right over bone, with little fat, is painful. Feet, hands, etc.

My daughter said it didn't hurt, but as you can see her feet are a lot less bony than mine. I admit it hurt, but not so bad that I couldn't sit still. Well, I am a bleeder and my body spits out the ink, so they have to go over sore spots again. That is probably why it hurt more for me too.

Depends on pain tolerance. The ink I have on my side/waist/lower back didn't hurt until he got to my side... And I have a little meat on me. IT HURT / BURNED / pinched so bad I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. Everytime he worked that spot it hurt. Nerve ending more than skin on bone... Like I said- had a little padding on my side but didn't matter...

Deranged, I have a high pain tolerance. My last tattoo was on my back. I had the same issue with bleeding and my skin spitting out the ink. From the vibration of the gun, I started to doze off.

Their beautiful! What a great bond & symbol of your love. (I remember your story of their meaning). I have 4 daughters & would love to do so with each of them!

I figure I'll keep the other foot clear just in case my other daughter wants to do it to. :-) My kids are my feet in a way. They motivate me to keep trying to go forward.

Wow, they look great!! I think this is sooo sweet for you two....I agree with jacee...you ar a totally AWESOME Mom!!

Thanks Sie, you are always so sweet.

That is awesome that you and your daughter went together to get your ink. My son went with me when I got my first one as well. But he did it I think just to hear me yell in pain. Unfortunately for him I didn't think it hurt that bad at all.

You are one awesome Mom!!

Well, this wasn't my first tattoo, but it was my daughter's first. That picture is two right feet :-), mine and my daughters.

Thanks and I hope she thinks so :-)

Very Cute :)

Thank you :)

I really like it! and something that bonds you and your daughter even closer :)

thank you

Just thinking about getting tattooed there hurts me, lol. You two are some tough ladies :)

The tolerance to pain is a redhead thing, so I've been told.

very nice. glad to have some feed back on it. I want the one in my avatar sometime this year on my left foot.

I think mine hurt more than my daughters because I have bony feet. My daughter has chubby feet. I must admit, it did hurt like hell. So, good luck if you have bony feet like me.

I don't have much on top. definately bonier than not.

your avatar is very pretty... it should look beautiful on you. There is another tattoo convention here next week and I'll probably be getting more ink. The guys from Miami were here last here, and will be back again this yr. I've already gotten ahold of the artist that worked on me and my friend, and sent pictures of what I want.. half sleeve on the other arm now ;)

Good ink, affinity !!!

Thank you :-). Took that right after once we got home. It still needs to heal.