Have Many Do I Have?

How many would the one on my back count as....hahaha. Technically it is one mural but it was done over the course of 5 five hour sittings so would it be one or five?

I also have one on my left hip. Since I work wiith children I have to be able to cover them up or else I would be sleeved out totally!!! I love them. My entire family is inked...my dad has a huge pirate ship that covers his entire chest/stomach region. The grandkids all call him "Pirate"...lol. He is sleeved out as well. Even my mom and aunts are all tattooed.

It is almost like a part of our family culture as strange as that may sound. It is a tribal thing afterall.

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I have always liked tattoos. My dad had/has one on his upper arm he got when he was a kid and he had enlisted in the Navy(WWII).<br />
I wanted tattoos since I was a young girl. I said when I was nearing 40 years old that I wanted a Harley and a tattoo,I didn't get either. When I was nearing 45 same thing,got neither. 50 years old and I still wanted both,got neither. This year for my 55th b-day i got my first tattoo(hubby got it for me from his nephew who is a great tattoo artist). It is on my middle lower back(higher than a "tramp stamp"). I have more to come. I have at least 3 more on the drawing board.

it counts as one, that's all.....one big one lol. I think hiding tatts is much more interesting honestly, all mine are able to be hid until I wish to show them. people who won't understand or comprehend don't need to know. but anyways it looks good very nice detail hope it makes you happy. and just go ahead and eat the children's souls lmao.

Totally sexy. I think it looks great I love color my daughter says I'm a color addict. I've got 13 different tatts in various locations. I love the self ex<x>pression and art. Its hard to find a woman like you.

I love the tattoo on your back it looks fab! I have a similar sort of thing on my back that goes right across from shoulder to shoulder, but it doesnt come down my back as far as yours. I have my feet and ankles covered aswell....do you have any on your feet or plan to get anymore done? I do..

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Thank you and take your time deciding what and where. They are really hard to "trade in" for newer models. It's pretty much a lifelong investment once you get one so don't settle for some mediocre crap you're going to hate five years from now...lol. I have alot of friends who despise their tattoo's.<br />
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Good luck choosing:)

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I still get judged alot for having them. I mentioned I have to keep them covered at work because apparently people with tattoos might eat your childs soul...hahaha. Parents are funny about a woman with tattoo's screening their child. The funny thing is even though they are covered they are still there...I am still the same person. It's really ironic.<br />
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As far as the tribal thing goes body art is deep routed in Asian, African and Indian tribal cultures. If you look it up on the web you'll see that tribes have been tattooing themselves for various reasons for centuries. Sometimes it's religious sometimes it's a right of passage. The history itself is pretty cool to read up on:)

that's so cool. I want to get one, but not sure where or what type...

"It is a tribal thing afterall."<BR><BR>A photo of your tribe with tats would be a very cool addition to this story .<BR><BR>I have none myself,but have done photodocumentation of the body art of others.<BR>Name of the project is "I Can See Under Your Clothes".<br />
{it might be in my EP albums}