I Don't Really Have Any Tattoos But . . .

Just want to add this comment - has anybody thought what that tattoo will look like 50 years from now all wrinkled?   Of course, the whole body will be wrinkled - it's all a part of the aging process.  I mean I've seen pics of people who are old and tattooed all over - pretty grim!
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You only live once, who ******* cares? The only thing you can take to the grave is your tattoos. I'll be awesome when I'm 80 rocking my ink. At least I'll be an individual with wrinkled skin.... And mutha FICKING tattoos that tell my story!

Ahh mine are on my shoulder and my wrist - they don't sag LOL! I do agree to some extent, I see people with tat's on there tummy's and think OMGosh what if you have children - it's all get stretched and look awful!

Funny thing, I have a tattoo on my stomach, kinda. Right in where the hip bones that stick out in the front. I've had two children, mine stretched and went back to it's normal shape after both. I just got one on my side, if you want to look check my story on it. Yes it's going to wrinkle when I get older but I knew that going in.

I'm glad you had an honest tattoo artist. Your comment cracked me up! And yes, CAgirl, the comment about the stomach - those stretch marks could certainly raise havoc with a pretty tattoo! LOL

this my dear is the one and only reason that i did not choose to get the tattoo of a moon i got- on my breast. that is the wonderful honesty of a good tattoo artist...<br />
"where should i put this? here?"<br />
them- "naw, if you put that crecent moon on your breast, it will look like a banana in about 20 year..."<br />