I've Got One, So Far..

For the longest time as I was growing up, I wanted to get a tattoo.  When I was a teenager, I finally decided on what type that I would like to have.

A ring of barbed wire with roses intertwined in it, around my wrist.  

I met a man, who became my husband, who told me that wasn't a very good idea for a first tattoo.  1) The pain on the bone.  2) It was quite exposed.

Neither did I really care about, but he talked me into getting one a bit more hidden and placed on a larger canvas, my thigh.

In fact, we decided to just go ahead and get the same tattoo.  Both believing in the "name tattoo" thing being taboo and all.

I've got ankh on my left thigh.  The outer color being red, the inner one being black.

He's got the same ankh on his right thigh.  The outer color being black, the inner color being red.

I've been wanting to get more, I just don't know what to get and where to place it.  Money and trusting WHO is going to do it, is an issue as well.

My husband got a lot of his tattoos from a certain woman, but we've moved out of state since then.
meowmeowface meowmeowface
36-40, F
Jun 2, 2007