More Tattoos for Me

I'd love to get a few more tats.  I have one on the back of my neck of the Libra symbol.... a little tweaked to represent the weighing of souls from the Egyptian book of the dead.  I want each tattoo to mean something to me however it's been difficult selecting the perfect image to express who I am.

I love music but I just haven't found the art that I want on my body to show that. 

I have decided that I would love to have two gargoyle gryphons on shoulders facing each other and in the center a Celtic cross.  The thought of them brings me back to the cathedrals of Europe when I was 14. 

Bonjourchic Bonjourchic
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 8, 2007

That's what I did with my first tat... it works out pretty well. This time I have NO idea what i want lol. I'll go with my back tats first i think :)