I have 4 tattoos, not a lot by some people's standards, I know.  My favorite one is on my lower back.  It is big, though, it covers up about 1/3 of my back!  It is a cool dragon with 2 butterflies acting as light sources, and some awesome detailed work below and around the dragon.  I have the kanji symbol for eternal/forever on the back of my neck, a tribal daisy chain around my ankle, and a sun with a tidal wave around it on my left shoulder blade.  I want 2 more then I think I am finished, but my tattoo guy wants to give me wings on my back and incorporate it in with my dragon...I dunno about that, seems a bit much.  I'd like a moon with fire around it on my right shoulder blade, to offset the sun on the other shoulder, and I'd like the kanji symbol for love underneatah the eternal symbol.  I have pics of the dragon and the kanji symbol if anyone is interested!  I love tattoos, but they are addicting!
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They sound like awesome tattoo's!

Are you sure that your kanji symbol means eterman/forever? I'd be too worried they would be labeling me something that I shouldn't be labeled. :P

I only have one tat ~ it's on my lower back and it is celtic inspired & consists of a pentagram with a celtic cirlc that is interconnected by a crossroads and there is celtic knots running through this. Under the circle & petagram there is a spiral represneting death/rebirth starting at the celtic circle & running into the centre of the crossroads & pentagram. At each point of the crossroads (5 including the centre) there are circles. The top one has the symbol of my starsign, the remaining outer 3 have my kids initials (which are A W E - spelling awe as u see! Totally coincidental but works well for the tat cos I AM in awe of my kids!) and the centre one has the sanskrit symbol for Om. <br />
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Sounds very bizarre but is very beautiful and has lots of meaning for me.<br />
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They are addictive! I'd love more but I like them where I can conceal them if I wish ... I'd like a good luck dragon & I have a design of an athame with a snake & rose wrapped around meeting at the blade tip. Was thinking of my ankle & back of neck... we'll see :)

I know just how addictive the needle can be. I had many and varied genital piercings over a period of fifteen years, many were neither attractive nor practical. Eventually a small ring of surgical steel survived to become a permanent companion. Kiatau

the only tattoo i would ever consider would be a small one. i am too big of a wienee! my 56 year old dad is thinking about what tattoo he is going to get. i am impressed by your ability to live through that needle torture. *shudder*

it took 3 hours og gruelling pain! *wink* I'm tough :))

Ouff, how long time did it take for you to get that big tattoo? Damn, you must have good pain endurance and patience...