My Tatties!

I have two tattoos... and lets say that its made my family question where I came from, haha.

I have a bow and arrow on my left hip, and a heart with stars goin through it 3-Dish on my upper back, with a flame coming out of the heart.  Its hard to explain, but I love it.  I just got that one done about a month ago.  I love that I did it all in black & white, except for the flame.  I think it adds to its uniqueness.  I got the idea for it from this necklace I bought during my first trip to Minneapolis.  Who woulda known it'd inspire me for my second tattoo? haha...
Xtina128 Xtina128
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 15, 2007

Hey Xtina-meant to ramble here, hee hee. Tatts are it!