A Reminder.

(.. Update on my thoughts on the following story, which a wrote a long while ago...  even a lone wolf will rejoin others given the opportunity of a 'right fit'..  I'm not without hope, but I'm not going to delete the story either ;-) and either way it's a cute little tat and I'm not sharing where!! ..)

The lonliest animal is the lone wolf.

It can count on only itself, yet carrys on, always strong, always enough.

I can relate.....


I got my tat of a lone wolf, when I was 18 years old - to remind myself that I'm always going to be the only one I can really count on, to always be there for me.  To always be strong, to always be enough. It's still so very true for me, more than 10 years later - it will always be true - which is why I carry the wolf with me, and why I always will.

rockyj rockyj
31-35, F
Oct 14, 2008