Tattoo Shmatoo.

i've got 4 tattoos.

i got my first tattoo when i was freshly 18, bad mistake. not that i hate it, i just don't LOVE it like i like my other ones. it was the day after my 18th birthday and i spent all of my birthday money on the damn thing. it's a nautical star (also known as the "nor-cal" star) and it's on on my back, right below my neck. it's small and i forget that i have it. someday, i'll get it covered up or at least add stuff to it.

after that, i was addicted, but i sure wasn't about to get another little, bullshit tattoo. one day i was finishing up a paper for class when i totally got consumed by a doodle. this doodle lead me to my tribal design that is on my left ankle and extends down my foot. i absolutely love it. my favorite tattoo thus far.

since then, i've gotten the rest cause i felt the "itch", where you just need to get inked. more on my feet and one on my ***. and, if you're looking to get a "less painful" tattoo, the *** is where it's at. it felt like i was getting kissed by an angel.

lazyker lazyker
22-25, F
Jun 22, 2007