Would I Change It?


i've got a few tattoos.  the count depends on 'how' you count them. 

i started at 18.  some friends of mine and i went to a local shop.  we all got the same tat as a mark of our friendship and my HS graduation.  of course, the following morning my mother had a fit when she realized what i'd done and still had to walk at graduation.  *shrugs*

as time went by it got blurrier and blurrier.  and after i got the first one, most like everyone else, i wanted more.  i was addicted.  i went to a different shop this time because i'd heard horror stories of the place i'd gone previously. 

my quarter (coin) sized tattoo got an overhaul.  i had the guy put an underwater, oceanic scene over it.  it grew to about 2.5" high by about 3-3.5" wide.  this took about 3-4 hours.  it's on my ankle and it's beautiful!  i absolutely live to be in the water so this was very meaningful to me.

each time i went before i looked to the artist for inspiration.  i had a vague idea of what i wanted but really looked to them figuring they were sure of their own abilities and what they could or could not do.  the next time i went i had put a considerable amount of thought into it.  i KNEW without a doubt what i wanted.  i wasn't in need of inspiration, i KNEW! 

i had a joke tat i wanted in a 'certain' spot and i wanted a dragon fly on the small of my back with some kind of fancy loops or something around the torso.

this lady was the heaviest hand i'd ever been tattooed by.  OMG!  it's possible she ruined it for me forever.  although i want more, of course, i'm just not sure...

i was in the chair for about 10 hours in one shot.  she gave me my 'gag' (joke) tattoo in a discreet spot - the tattoo i always wanted but was too embarrassed to inquire about before.  and then she put a medium to large sized dragon fly on the small of my back.  next she put a very small dragon fly under my navel by about 2".  here's the tricky and most painful part of it ... i had her connect the two dragon flies.  she tattooed a beautiful 'belt' of sorts with swirlies, loops and such.  it goes from the small of my back, up over my hips and down below my navel.  it's BEAUTIFUL!

i knew she was tired after 10 hours.  who wouldn't be?!?!?  when i got home i was sure she'd cut me in half right through the middle.  she went over the 'belt' 3 times in some places.  it took a bit longer than the norm to heal, however, the end result is to die for.

everyone who's scared to or who is anti-tattoo asks me how i'm going to feel about it when i'm old and saggy.  when i'm old do you honestly think i'm going to care?  doubt it!  all those who are pro-tattoo think i've got one of the most unique collections. 

in the future i'd like a set of praying hands with a tipped halo hanging on them, in the middle of my shoulder blades.  then on each shoulder blade i'd like to have an angel's wing tattooed.  perhaps as i allow more time to pass my thought on this will change.  we shall see ...

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i'd love to see the dragonflies... lol is that too personal of a request?! you brought em up! =P no j/k. i'm just really curious. i get pierced...not tattooed... something about commitment i suppose.