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I have a sweet pea on my leg with "Brish" written underneath. Sweet pea is the flower of April {the month I was born} also the favorite flower of my Great Grandmother. "Brish" is a nickname I have had since I think I was like 16 or somewhere around there {23 now}. I also have a heart {homemade} next to my belly button. I always have loved hearts and wanted one for a while. I only wish I would have waited to get it done professionally. I got it when I was drunk and my friends dad did it. But I guess it makes for an interesting story and it's original. It actually has color too, unlike most homemade that are only black.

brishness brishness
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 3, 2008

so many drunk tattoos out there! everyone should have 1 maybe? or not!